What we do

Ruth specialises in creating the' wow' factor, transforming the most unpromising spaces and landscapes.

She works with her client's preferences and budget.

In town she creates an oasis and in the country she captures the view in the garden.

Ruth offers consultations and design or when needed , can make the whole project happen.

Clients may take as much of the design process as they require – Garden Consultations,  Design, Construction,  Planting,  Project Management and Garden Maintenance.

Design and Project Management Prices

Garden Consultations  from £85

Site Survey  from £250

Overall Plan  from £750

Planting Plan  from £650

Visuals and Construction Drawings  £20/hr

Project Management  £20/hr + expenses

Overseeing contractors  from £20/hr + expenses
(and sourcing materials, plants+ planting )

Garden Maintenance from £20/hr